Why Buy From Us?

In a world riddled with a million avenues to purchase virtually anything you want, it can sometimes get confusing about what you should purchase and where. To answer the rather obvious question, this is not some sort of marketing scheme to make you think that the value of purchasing from us is something that must be understood. The truth is, you don't really have to understand why to purchase from us, you need to understand why it makes a difference. At R. Coffee Ltd., there are essentially three main factors that separate us from the rest of the pack.

  • The first is that we know what we are doing. Yes, this is something that most stores and business think about themselves, but we really have it. I remember one of the first few months that I started at R. Coffee and a woman came into the store. I greeted her, as I do everyone, with a smile and a hello. She looked at me with confusion because Rick Coffee was not in the store that day. She then went into a long story describing how Rick had always picked out the perfect items for her sons at Christmas and she truthfully only wanted him to wait on her. At that exact moment, I knew that this was not just a clothing store, it was a family. You buy from us because we have built your trust over the years and you have realized that we know exactly what we are doing and you appreciate it. So many clothing stores just want you to buy something and move on, we are not like that.
  • Secondly, each piece of clothing in our store is purchased with people in mind! How many companies can say that literally everything they purchase has someones wants and needs in mind. Yes, every store tries to make purchases that their consumers will love and want to buy from them, but we specifically think of customers with each and every piece of clothing that is in our store. We go to "market" twice a year and when we go, we are the first buyers there and the last ones to leave. We spend countless hours pouring over books and books of inventory from our 65 vendors (THAT'S RIGHT 65 Vendors!), to insure that we are making the best purchases for our customers. We cherish each and every piece of clothing in our store and when you buy from us, the joy we get from seeing you excited is why we do it. It comes from the fact that we know that that one sport shirt you just bought was curated from 10,000 other sport shirts we see at any given show!
  • Finally, we love what we do! There are not many business that have employees and owners that truly love what they do. However, we are blessed to say that we are one of them. Last weekend I had a father and his 14 year old son come into the store and purchase a blazer, trousers and a few custom shirts from us. That moment of seeing that boy and his father bond and spend time looking at different items to purchase is without a doubt the reason we do what we do. At R. Coffee Ltd., memories are made, shared and cherished every time you come into our store. We love our customers and no matter how long it takes us to guide you in making a purchase we appreciate you and love the memories that we've made.

So, these are our distinguishing factors. Even though this post may be longer than usual, I hope you have come to realize that we are in the business of making you feel confident in how you look, making memories that will last a life time and making sure you realize how much you are appreciated. After all of the remodeling we have done over the past year and the new business ventures that are ahead for us, we want to say THANK YOU for choosing us and for making us successful. Even though you may be able to go to any golf pro-shop and buy a product from Peter Millar or shop online and pick something out from Vineyard Vines, we hope you know that we want you to think of us because the work and effort we put into everything is for YOU!

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  • J P Vaughan

    Love the store and the service I receive every time I visit. Recently I commented how I would love socks in Hampden-Sydney colors. Well all of you fellow Tigers be sure to stop in R Coffee and pick up a couple of pair to complement your apparel. Thanks guys for listening to an old customer.

  • Lou Ann Gubser

    Thanks for this post. You probably know me and my husband for coming in from Indiana around holidays when we are visiting family in Lynchburg. Your store is a definite destination visit for us when we come to town precisely for the reasons you describe above. You have worked with us to find “just the right pieces” each time we have come! We have been so excited to now be able to visit online as well. Blessings as you continue your work!

  • Grover Walker

    James & Rick,

    I LOVED reading this…it was excellent. THANK YOU for sharing!

    Grover, Oliver Ridley

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