Pocket Squares...

So, today I figured I would touch on a subject that can sometimes be controversial as well as hard to completely understand. Pocket squares have been a staple of men's fashion for many, many years. Whether it came in the form of your grandfather using his square as a tissue or as an accent piece, pocket squares are something that must be discussed.

The answer to the question of whether pocket squares are necessary is rather simple. YES! Pocket squares are without a doubt one of the most necessary accessories to any formal/informal outfit. The only problem is figuring out when and how to wear them So, lets dive right in with that discussion.

When to wear a pocket square:

-It goes without saying, but I will anyway, that every time you throw on a sport coat/suit/blazer you need to have a pocket square in the breast pocket. I know it can be daunting to figure out how to match it or what to even match it to, but it is a necessity.

-Even with a tuxedo? Yes, even with a tuxedo! However, with a tuxedo it is usually best to just do a white square with a subtle white on white print to it.

How to wear a pocket square:

-First things first, wearing a pocket square is the new way to show your personality without going too crazy with the tie.

-Secondly, when picking out your pocket square I always recommend that you look at your tie or even shirt and find the least used color and make that the main color of the pocket square. This is a great way to tie in the entire outfit without making it too over-the-top.

-Thirdly, the fold. The fold of the pocket square can be one of three ways. The classic square, which is where you fold the pocket square to fit perfectly into the breast pocket and square off the top. The next way is the poof. This is my personal favorite way to do the pocket square. This is done by grabbing the center of the pocket square (when it is unfolded) and creating a roundish poof. This is also the easiest form of a pocket square. Finally, the pointed pocket square. This is the most classic form and was used predominately during the 80s-00s! However, you can do it, if you do it right and not make the pocket square look too stiff.

-Finally, the main thing to remember about pocket squares is that they should be fun. They need to look like you did it yourself. It's like when you see a bow tie that is pre-tied, it just doesn't look right if it is too perfect!

-James R. Bower Jr. "Jimmy"


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