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The Imagination Is Gone?

The Imagination Is Gone?

In this day and time, there are so many distractions. Whether it comes in the form of social media or the never ending emails, distractions and priorities are different from the past. In the clothing industry, this has never been more true. We have the access now to literally all the information in the world at our finger tips and yet, all we care to do is brag about the dinner we had last night or the wonderful weekend getaway we just had (trust me, I am guilty of this as much as anyone). The sad part is, have we lost that sense of imagination and wonder?

When it comes to the men's clothing world we were on a great path. We were inventing new fabrics, new prints and new looks. However, are we stuck in this new age attitude of just trying to be so different, that we have forgotten who we are as people. I know what you're thinking, "This is a clothing store's blog..why is he getting so deep?" The fact of the matter, is that we have to get this deep to fully understand the issues.

I remember spending countless hours of my youth imagining that I was on some far, distant planet figuring out how to defeat evil with a light-saber (Yes, I am a Star Wars guy). Nowadays, kids are so glued to their technology that the ideas of imagination and wonder are invented by people on another screen. This sad mentality has left us with a soon coming generation of men and women that have lost their sense of wonder. Is there a way to go back and fix what has happened? The short answer to this question is no. The long answer to this question revolves around the idea of why would we want to go back?

Is technology a bad thing? No. The question that should be asked is how can we invigorate the world with the ideas of using their imagination to do something meaningful. Let me take it back to the men's clothing industry. Think back to a time when men wore suits every day. This was an age were imagination was running wild. Everything was so new and fresh that any time there were "new fashions" every man had to jump on the train. Now, every company is making a "performance" shirt, every company is making pants that stretch. Is this all that our imaginations can come up with? Copying one company to another?

I surely hope the answers to these questions is a resounding no. If there is anything that this blog gets across I hope that it helps you to have a moment to reflect, to put down your cellphone, and realize that imagination can only happen from within. It doesn't have to be a deliberate decision. It just needs to be a conscious choice to remember that boy/girl who's imagination ran wild.


James R. Bower Jr.


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Time For Change...?

Time For Change...?

Throughout the centuries, there has only been one true constant in the Yes, I get it. You're thinking to yourself, "What is this guy talking about, of course clothing has always been a constant. People can't walk around naked!" I get that, but clothing has and will always be a constant thing that people need, and indulge in, in order to make a difference in their lives.

It's completely cheesy and moderately self-satisfying for me to say this, but clothing is the one thing that people use to make themselves feel better about themselves. Ever since I can remember, clothing was a struggle for me. At the ripe age of 12 I was 200lbs.+ and yes, it was hard to look in the mirror growing up and be confident in what I saw. This was until I decided to do something about it. I started to dress better and that, in turn, made me want to physically look "better".  I took my health into my hands and even though it took multiple attempts and weight gain back and forth I have kept 60lbs. off for five years.

This post is in no way a means for me to "brag" or "boast" about what I was able to accomplish, this post is made for people to realize that it might be time for a change and that clothing is one way to make yourself want that change. No, clothing is not the end all to all your health problems or self-image problems. It is just a way to show the world who you really are and that you are accepting yourself. In this journey of life, you are always going to have things that need to be worked on. Whether it be a spiritual aspect or even a self-image aspect, the journey never ends.

My theory has, and always will be, that on this journey why not put your best self forward? I believe that the aspect of dressing well and presenting the best version of yourself is found by digging deep and presenting that version of yourself that represents who you are. It just happens to be that one of the best ways to do that is by dressing to your personality and who you are.

You know that old saying "You only get one chance to make a first impression?" Well, that is so true, but one thing that men have to realize is that the second impression, third and fourth impression has the same impact on that person you're meeting as the first impression. ALWAYS present the best version of yourself! This is why we, at R. Coffee Ltd., have been in business 31 years. Our philosophy is found in the idea of "Curated Clothing for Every Man", this concept is based on that fact that we spend countless hours pouring through hundreds of clothing vendors to find You the best clothing available on the market. This is also why we have everything from casual t-shirts to sport coats, Every Man deserves the chance to dress well, no matter what his personality is.

We are here to help make you feel good about yourself. I knew the first day in my career here that I was in the right place. I had a customer walk in and asked for a suit. I take him back show him to his size and pick out a gorgeous suit that I knew would fit perfectly and fit his personality. When he first came in, his personality was rather boring and he barely spoke. However, by the time I had him in his suit and had him look in the mirror, his face completely changed and he felt like a new man. He left the store with a huge grin on his face and has been back three times a year ever since.

This is why I am in this industry, I want to make Every Man feel like that man did leaving my store or even when they are on this website. I am here for you and if you need anything at all please contact us through email or even call the store! Small business builds Big relationships and I am here for any question or concern.

-James R. Bower Jr.

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