Time for Spring Cleaning!

Constantly, we are asked about what people should do with their old clothing or what they should throw out of their wardrobe or not. In this post you will be given a description of things that should be thrown out and items that should be saved!

To begin with here is a list of items that should be taken out of your wardrobes completely.

-Really Wide Ties (Yes, every tie has a story or a reason behind why you bought it. But, that doesn't mean you should keep it till it "comes back" into style 50 years later!

-Pants That Just Look Dated.... you know who you are and you know what you should do with them!

-Ugly Sweaters. Why I have to put this still astounds me. The sweater you wore in 1995 that has the funky design on it will NEVER COME BACK IN STYLE! HA

- Dress Shirts That Have Pointed Collars. If you try it on and you look like Robert De Niro in the Movie "Casino," it has to GO.

-Nasty T-Shirts. The stains under your arms on that white tee shirt will never go away, but the tee needs to flee.

-Holey Underwear. If someone can see through them you need to remove them from your wardrobe.

Now, Its time to describe some items that are salvageable. 

-Pants That Are Too Big or Small. This is something that any tailor can easily fix. Whether you need to cinch up the waist or make the legs of the pant smaller, it is definitely worth it to save a nice pair of britches.

-Shirts That Are Too Big. It's a simple fix to take in the sides of the shirt. The main thing to figure out is whether or not the shirt is worth taking in. On average its $24 to take in the sides of a shirt. If it isn't worth it, save your money for a new one later on!

-Suits/Sport Coats That Are Too Big. I'm not talking about saving the suit you got married in in 1987, I'm talking about saving a suit or sport coat that is worth saving. Lets say the lapels are too big or the coat is weirdly long, then it needs to go.However, most things can be fixable, but I would definitely talk to a haberdasher before making that decision. 

Once you have finally decided to get rid of the things that need to go and salvage the things that need salvaging, it is time to take the old things away. Here are the options.

-Salvation Army


-Ebay (great place to sell vintage goods!)

-Consignment store

...these are pretty much all of the options.

I hope you have gained some insight into what needs to go this Spring cleaning season! It can definitely get overwhelming, but if you do it right...it will be worth it!


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