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Custom Clothing-Suits, Sport Coats, Shirts and Pants

At R. Coffee Ltd., we pride ourselves on being one of the best in being able to fit clothing on any size man. We truly are blessed with the ability to fit ANYONE! Whether you are in need of a custom suit, sport coat, shirt or pants, we definitely have you covered.


We have cultivated over 200 swatches with our partnership with STANTT and starting in January 2020 we will be able to offer custom trousers as well. As with anything, the trust and the satisfaction of the customer is of our utmost concern and we truly believe that you will be happy! The shirts as well as the pants are available for prices that we currently carry in-store. Therefore, you wont be spending too much more for a truly customized shirt/pant that will fit you like a glove.


When it comes to our suit fabrics as well as sport coat fabrics, we have some of the finest that anyone could buy. From Italy to the USA, the fabrics are without a doubt going to be your favorite for any go-to event, business meeting or night on the town. Don't worry about being a tough fit, we have fit everyone from professional athletes to senators! So, come on down. After all, custom suits start at $895 and can go as high as you would like!